I know April is almost half over but….

April is the month of prizes over at the Walker Treasury Project. In case you haven’t heard, the project is an attempt to get color photographs of all the stitch patterns in Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting books (First, Second, Charted Designs, Fourth, and Mosaic Knitting). It turns out that it is actually doing a lot more… each pattern is now labelled with a description of whether or not it is reversible, and you can browse all of the swatches that are reversible. how’s that for pattern planning! Design your own scarf in seconds… There is also a flickr group that I like to visit. I find it easy to mark my favorite patterns here.

Of course this project relies on volunteers to knit swatches from the book and submit photos, and we need more volunteers! Hence the bribes…er… prizes. I am the moderator for the “Mosaic Knitting” book, perhaps the least common of the Barbara Walker books. I spent soe time concocting a spreadsheet that tell s me all the geeky stats about the completion status of the swatches for that book. Sadly, it boils down to only 4 completed swatches, 3 by me.

So I am sponsoring a special prize that will be awarded to a randomly chosen Mosaic Knitting swatcher during the month of April. A cute little set of stitch markers!

If you would like to contribute, drop us a note at walkertreasuryproject @ gmail. com

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