Spinning again.

First of all, Happy Easter. As a knitter/dyer this means that you have to be on your toes to get half-price dyes at the grocer and drug store tomorrow. They are intended to be used for eggs, but we all know that the best thing to dye is yarn. You can read about Gen and my easter yarn dyeing adventure a few years ago here.

I have been utterly and completely jealous over the things being spun up over at Trailing yarn. So I had to take my wheel out, dust it off and spend an hour spinning. I decided to spin up some roving that I dyed in shades of turquoise and orangey brown (thought I had a pic, but I can’t find one). I am pretty rusty, having not spun in many months but managed a pretty fine (yet uneven) single:

And then I navajo-plied it into some real yarn (check out how Elizabeth does it).

It’s kinda ugly, but I like it. Spinning thin singles on my lendrum is really a chore. I forgot to put on the fast flyer, so I was pedalling like a maniac. I am pretty proud that though my skill stagnated, none of the single came apart when plying. hooray!

EDIT: I forgot to remind you that today is the last day to sign up for the Scraptastic Granny Square swap!. Hurry!

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