Softies that I know

With so many crafters making adorable plushies, it is the perfect time for the Softie Awards to come on the scene. And the format for the contest is/was awesome. Crafters submitted photos of their work to a flickr group, and tagged them into one of 12 categories. Then a panel of crafty-minded judges chose the finalists. *Edit: I forgot to mention that I think the use of flickr is pure genius. That way anyone and everyone can browse all of the entries. Many competitions only let you see the finalists*

The finalists are now up, and voting is open (until march 30). I was so excited to see that I was familiar with two of the finalists!

I am a frequent reader over at Raspberry’s crafty blog, and I was happy to see one of her creations as a finalist in the “creepy but cute” category.

photo from raspberry’s flickr stream

And I am a long time fan of Ana Paula’s amigurumi creations (remember the cute little cactus?) and her Christmas ornament ami’s are up in the holiday category.

photo from anapaulaoli’s flickr stream

And if you like the little cactus, check out Ana’s Mr and Mrs Cactus Pattern.

So go vote!

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