I swap a lot.

I participated in a swap of pink and brown items, some of which should be thrifted. I had and awesome swap partner, Jan. Look what I got!

Jan made me an apron that is sooo beautiful. she is a much better seamstress than I am! Other treats included a vintage basket making kit, pink yarn(!), buttons, ribbons, a mug and some fun miniature playing cards. I love all of it. Expect a better shot of me modelling the apron later.

I also completed a couple of swaps through Swap-bot. For the Cupcake swap, you had to send two cupcake related items to your partner. Mine went above and beyond!

Look at the cupcake-topped knitting needles that she made for me!!

Thanks Diane!

I also got some beautiful stitch markers in a ‘Unique stitch markers‘ swap.

I really enjoy the swap-bot style swaps. Unlike secret pal programs I have participated in in the past, these are for a one-time swap only. This i bebficial if you don’t like the person you are sending to/receiving from, or your partner flakes out on you. There is also an incredible variety of swap themes to choose from. Swap-bot maintains a rating system that attempts to filter out some more non-participatory members, and make it more pleasant for everyone. Yay swapbot!

If you want to try out swap-bot, there are many swaps set up for newbies… There is also an entire category for knitting swaps (check out Moirae’s Earth day Yarn Swap). I’ve already decided to try an organize my own swap!

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