Acrylic Granny Square Swap

Almost immediately after professing my love of SwapBot, I have decided to organize my own swap. For some reason I have been fascinated with granny-squares lately. I think they are the perfect destiny for acrylic yarn. Since I have been secretly dreaming of a granny-square afghan for myself I started making squares.

I want the final afghan to be washable and durable so I am using acrylic yarn. I don’t want to go the store and buy a bunch of acrylic so I am just using up what I have. Unfortunately I don’t have a wide color selection. That got me to thinking… Why not swap granny squares through swapbot?!

In this swap you make 3 granny squares, and send one to three different partners (so you will send and receive 3 squares). The squares should be made out of a durable, washable acrylic yarn. Just use some scraps that you have lying around. The finished square should measure 6 inches on each side. No need to add an additional edging, the new owner can edge as they like to incorporate it into their own afghan. Make sure to use at least two colors of yarn in each individual square. Sign up by March 15th, as partners will be assigned then. You will then have two weeks to complete your squares and swap them out on April 1. I will be filtering out partipants with ratings of less than 4, but will allow newbies with completed profiles to participate. Sign up now!

Granny squares use only basic crochet skills. I have compiled a few resources to help you if you need a pattern.

Martha Stewart has an illustrated granny square tutorial (i think these are “reversible” granny squares).
Crochet Cabana has an excellent tutorial with photographs.

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