Walker Treasury Project

Every once in a while, someone has a stroke of knitting genius. I think one just happened. While reading Get Your Hook On, Kathy mentioned the start of the Walker Treasury Project. A fantastic idea conceived by Nicole (she’s the one with a stroke of genius).

The goal of the project is to collect, in one place, color photographs of all of the stitch patterns represented in Barbara Walker’s Treasury books. Volunteers knit swatches and photograph them, posting the photos to the webpage (there’s also a flickr group). The patterns will not be published on the webpage since they are protected by copyright. It will be an awesome resource for all of us! I thought this was the most fantastic thing I heard in a long time, so I also volunteered to be a moderator. The first four treasuries were already spoken for, so I will be keeping track of the so-called “fifth” treasury, Mosaic Knitting. It is a collection of two-color stitch patterns that have the potential to look fantastic!! If anyone signs up for any of the patterns, that is. so far I have no participants for this book other than myself. Anyone out there own a copy? want to help us out?

Treasuries I own

If you have access to any of the Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Pattern books and would like to participate, send an email to walkertreasuryprojectATgmail com. Use the title of the book you are using as the subject, and include the pattern name in the body of the email. Each one will only be claimed once, so email early if you have a favorite. Also be sure to stop by the webpage and read the details of participation

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