I can hear it coming down the tracks

It is just around the corner – February 22-25…. Stitches West! i am lucky enough to have the location of Stitches just around the corner from me too. It used to be in Downtown Oakland, but a few years ago it moved to the Santa Clara Convention Center. Frankly, I think it might have outgrown the space available in Oakland. It’s that big. Though Santa Clara is a short drive from Berkeley, my friends and I opt for a different form of transportation – the knitting train. Amtrak hosts a special Stitch-n-Ride event where they dedicate one car of the Sacramento to Santa Clara train for knitters. A whole train car full of knitters. And there are prizes and freebies.

As you can imagine, as the word of free yarn spreads like wildfire among knitters, the train was very full. Totally full by the time we got on, in fact. So we had to sit in the next car back, a little isolated. We missed out on a lot of freebies (all gone) but we did win some prizes! (More details in my summary from last year)

So, Amtrak ladies, this year can you please make two cars and give out more free stuff, saving some for the last leg of the journey. It can’t hurt to ask, right?

This year will be my fourth stitches west (and my fourth year as a knit blogger) and I think I am ready to venture out of my shell. Are any of you going to be there? would you like to have a refreshing martini at the bar saturday evening? did everyone quit reading before they got this far? don’t worry i’ll bother you again. I am hoping that someone plans a fun event like the stitches equivalent of Rhinebeck Bingo or something like that.

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