Priority mail clutch

I have always been fascinated with how tyvek gets softer and softer with use while maintaining its durability (kinda like leather?). I decided that a used Tyvek USPS Priority mail envelope wasn’t trash, but actually quite a lot of usable fabric. I have a habit of saving all kinds of fabric, yarn, and fiber scraps for use as stuffing, but some of the yarns are pretty on their own. So I sewed up a clutch using the material and decorated it with felt and yarn scraps.

It’s kinda fun for me to look at because I can recognize all of the yarns and I remember which projects they are leftover from.

I really wanted to add a zipper, but I wanted to try and use only recycled items and I didn’t have any zippers destined for the trash and I was really trying to stick to the rules. So I used a craft punch and a hole punch to fashion buttons out of a plastic lid.

This is my second entry in the Upcycle contest over at etsy. Unfortunately my first entry suddenly looks a little less original…. I’m supposed to be flattered though, right?

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