Craftiness at Daiso

This Sunday my friends and I traveled to the new Daiso Japan store in Daly City (as mentioned recently on the Craft: blog). It is the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store (100 yen) where almost all items are $1.50. I got a ton of stuff, especially cute stationery with poorly translated phrases. I also grabbed a few crafty items.

Cork tiles, laundry bags for washing fleece, carving tools, origami paper

The most exciting are the cork-covered tiles. These are supposed to be some kind of padded floor tile, but mine will be assembled and used a blocking board (I think i first read about this on the Yarn Harlot’s blog). They can be assembled in a square for sweaters, or a long line for scarves. The cork is a bit absorbent, and the tiles are foamy and padded – perfect for sticking in pins. I put it to work immediately since My So Called Scarf was in need of some blocking.

and when it is done I can just stack up the tiles and put them away. Not a bad blocking board for less than $15, and it is modular!

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