I feel lucky

I think I may have built up a little bit of good knitting karma. Just after announcing the winners in my contest, I found out that I am a winner. I won a skein of yarn from Yarn4Socks in a random drawing for Socktoberfest. Hooray! Thanks Yarn4Socks and thanks for organizing, Lolly. I chose a skein of Fleece Artist Merino in Hercules, something I have never seen in person but always wanted to try. it is sooooooo good lookin’.

I am lucky because this weekend I thrifted two of the cutest aprons ever.

(that second one doesn’t have a stain, I just got it a little wet)

I am lucky because i got a Mr. Juiceman Jr. at the el cerrito garage sale for $3 and now I can use it to grind up cheap delicious apples for my enjoyment.

I know – you are probably wondering when I am going to quit mention Mr. Juiceman Jr. Well, it’s going to be a while. I love him.

And finally, I feel lucky because I finally got my issue of Craft magazine. i am rationing its goodness.

oops. I am already on page 112. I’ll just start over after that. you should head over there and subscribe! At the very least you should check out the Craft blog. It’s as addictive as crack. And while you’re there you might find the final reason I feel lucky…. i was mentioned on their blog. cool. totally cool.

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