Things I like

I started this category for myself as a repository for.. well… things that i like. Now i will have a way to look up links and random crap that i found that i like. It will probably clutter up the ol’ blog, but hey, it’s my blog. and hopefully you will find some of the stuff interesting. And to make it a little exciting, I will do a countdown of three things I like.

#3 Free pattern that I have been waiting for

I Dream of Africa Socks from Chickswithsticks is just the perfect pattern for busily patterned sock yarn. She has been taunting us by flaunting her socks all over blog, and now, finally, we can make them at last.

#2 Super-cute free pattern

I just discovered Warm fuzzies… She has a really cute blog, and the thing that caught my eye – a super-cute free pattern. As an embellishment to go with her crocheted mushroom (from crochetme) she designed a tiny little
hedgehog. Both of these look like fun projects for giving amigurumi a try.

#1 Etsy shopping
From the hallowed virtual halls of etsy I bought a fantastic “keychain cardholder” from Quiet Doing.

She has them seriously underpriced, so shop while the getting is good!

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