State of Denial – Part II – Contest

Now that I am no longer pretending those socks fit, what I am pretending? Well every-knit-blogger and her sister went to Rhinebeck this weekend. i am sure that this week, almost every blog I read will have pictures of loot (Rhinebeck backwash – which I do enjoy looking at, but makes me jealous. Since I am stuck in beautiful California (where it was like 75 yesterday by the way -ha! take that) I think I might pretend that I have just come from Rhinebeck myself. I really don’t need anything new, so I will just dig through my stuff and pull out some favorites and look at them as if they are new. Want to see what I got?

click through the photo to see notes

highlights include… Sock yarn! orange from my dye-o-rama pal, Socks that rock leftover from stitches west, and gypsy girl creations from my SP8, and some black and red stripey (bride of frankenstein) that i made myself and am dying to knit up. there is also a big hunk of brooks farms duet in there. Oh and the fiber! oh the fiber! Merino. tons of it. it is soooo soft…
I really like all of this yarn, and it is plenty to keep my busy. It really would be a disservice to this beautiful stuff to add more yarn to the queue. Isn’t that better? you* should try it. Post a picture of your pretend Rhinebeck loot and a bit about it. Leave me a comment or a trackback by Friday, October 27 and my favorite one entry chosen at random will win some handpainted yarn (see prizes here). What are you waiting for? Get pretending!
*By “you” i mean someone that didn’t get to go to Rhinebeck. the lucky knitters that went surely got some new yarn, and don’t need any pity-yarn from me.

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