State of Denial – Part I

Today, in honor of Socktober, I will be doing something a little unconventional. It is something that is unusual for me and is certainly unusual for a knit-along dedicated to the forward progress on sock knitting projects.

Here we have Chuck’s socks (pattern here, story of the lunch box here). Briefly mentioned when I first started them, and then faded into the background. They are designed for a foot that is 8.5 inches around, and mine is only about 7 inches, so i sized down the needles and went at it. The result…. they didn’t fit. too small. Everyone that i told that they fit and were just a little small…. I lied. I mean, I could after about 3 minutes of wiggling and wrestling, force them onto my feet. but that isn’t really fitting. And if you know me you know i hate ripping things out, so i have been in a state of denial.
So I am ripping them out. Liberated by socktober!

Incidentally, if you are currently making forward progress on Chuck’s socks, you should join the knit-along.

I am in a bit of a state of denial about something else… stay tuned…. there will be prizes involved.

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