Back in Business

I had a lot of yarn sitting around that I have been meaning to upload to my etsy shop, and today is the day. I sure hope it sells, because it is taking up a ton of room….

In addition to a bunch of sock yarn, I made a set of stitch markers that I think would be pretty handy for sock knitters. Recycling the text I used for the item description… Every time I finish I sock, I have to drag out a book or a computer to look up how to do the stinking toe graft. I am incapable of memorizing the kitchener stitch. So I have put it in a form that will stick with my socks – Stitch markers!

Kitchener Stitch Marker
I usually have a few stitch markers involved in my sock knitting so I made 4 markers, each displaying brief instructions for the 4 steps of the kitchener stitch. Now I will have the directions on my sock by the time I get to the toe! The stitch marker holder has a tag reminding me of the set-up for the beginning of the graft, and now as long as i keep them in order I am set.

Courtesy of Flagrant Disregard, here is a mosaic of some of the items I added to my shop.

Newly added yarns

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it has the best holiday color scheme, so it seemed appropriate to make some Halloween-inspired sock yarns. get them now and in the spirit of socktober fest you can have them done by the end of the month!

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