The good, the bad, and the beach

By 10 o’clock this morning, I had already used up all of my patience for the day – at the post office. That place just sucks the life outta me. But i was rewarded! I picked up my final package from my secret pal, who turns out to be Knitting in the Shadows!

Final SP8 Package received

The yarn is beautiful 100% Merino Superwash from Gypsy Girl Creations in the color “Happy Halloween” (yarn close up here). I also got some brittany birch needles to knit up the yarn, a calculator/box (that the needles fit in!), a halloween night light, and a knitting notion that I can’t quite figure out… Oh, and a chocolate bar that barely made it out of the post office – it was delicious.

And there has been some knitting going on here. On the plane back from Australia, I started a sock with my STR from stitches west (last year). But, it was way too big, so i ripped back the toes increases and adjusted the width. Now i think the pattern is just not working with the yarn. Here is the lacy top of the sock

socks that rock

And here is the bottom

socks that rock sock
I like this side a lot better.

also note that the sock has been modelled on top of the sock that I was wearing today which is making me think that it is still too big. And I have accidentally used the strand of yarn on teh outside of my center-pull ball. I think I need a redo. So by the time you read this, i will probably be ripping this sock out.

And as to no tend the post on a tone of frustration, I leave you with a video clip from my vacation.

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