Headed down under

Tonight I take off for a conference in Australia. One of the most exciting things about the trip (for me) will be the long plane ride. Time for knitting (about 15 hours, in fact)! My ipod and computer batteries can only last so long, and after that it’s me and sticks and yarn. What knitting should i take? I am thinking that the portablilty of socks cannot be beat…. and in case i haven’t complained about it yet, I am really bored witht the poppysocks. I shouldn’t have used the same sock pattern for two pairs in a row. I am thinking about balling up the gorgeous yarn from my dye-o-rama pal. I will make some lacy toe-up socks from a pattern by ‘My Fashionable Life’ that I bought a while ago. I will use my new knitpicks circs (first time) which i hope will make it through airplane security. I’ll have to bring some bamboo DPN’s just in case. I am pretty sure that there is enough of this yarn that i could also squeeze out a pair of baby socks too. that’s the plan, anyway.

Did you know that australia doesn’t allow knitting needles on domestic flights at all. For people that are so into sheep, i find this a little surprising. Since I have to change planes in australia i am figuring that i will have to check my knitting stuff…. we’ll see.

So, internet knitting friends, any suggestions as to places i must go in Melbourne and Sydney? Any awesome knitting stores?

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