Tiny completed objects

While at work i found myself with an hour to waste and I was desperate to make something. I found some acrylic yarn in my office and a crochet hook in my pencil cup, and i whipped up this little guy…

photo courtesy of teapotgirl

he is a little amigurumi droplet. we thought he looked like melted mochi so we put him in the mochi tray. I am also working on crocheting some bacon – you can see it in the foreground.

I also whipped up a prototype baby beanie that is supposed to look like a buckeye. The pattern needs some improving, so i will probably give it another try.
Baby buckeye beanie
i will be sending it off to my cousin for his new baby that is due in a few weeks.

I have also made some progress on the the only big knitting project that I am working on right now, the clapotis. I have 3 dropped rows!

Clapotis progress

and finally, the results of my solar dyeing adventure

Results of solar dyeing

whew! That is some bright green.

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