Socks for lunch?

You know how sometimes late at night you find yourself reminiscing about your childhood…. Next thing you know you are on ebay looking at monchichi’s, atari 2600’s and ewok villages trying to figure out if you can afford to buy yourself everything you wanted as a kid. Next thing you know, this shows up on your doorstep.

Stawberry shortcake metal lunch box

Oh wait… I am I the only person that does stuff like that? Well, I did. And I have dragged this less-than-mint-condition lunch box around through several apartment moves. Many of the metal lunchboxes on ebay are pricey, but if you are willing to take one with a big honking dent, it’s a steal. When I saw this month’s whiplash challenge, i thought I might be able to dress ‘er up for the fancy category.

You see, I decided that i just can’t keep abusing my sock knitting projects by throwing them in my messenger bag. they have suffered interactions with unclean coffee travel mugs, gym socks, velcro and worse. i thought the lunch box was just the right size, so I decided to line it and add some accessories catered to sock knitting.

Lunch box knitting bag

I put in a zippered pocket for securing little things like stitch markers, and loops in all of the corners for tying in scissors and tape measures and the like (If i don’t attach it to the bag, i will lose it). I made some shrinky-dink strawberries and glued them to some super-powerful rare earth magnets. They are decorative, and do a good job of holding up my sock pattern. since I didn’t like the way the lid opens all the way up, I added a fancy ribbon with handmade copper hooks and eye and adjuster slide for holding the lid up. I put in a divider to keep things from rattling around too much when the box isn’t full. The divider snaps in so i can remove it when I don’t need it.

Here it is in action with my in-progress chuck’s socks.

Lunch box knitting bag
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Lately I can’t figure out which I enjoy more – knitting the socks, or admiring my handiwork :)

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