Ahh, Summer holiday

A few days ago I was the lucky recipient of a package from my Dye-o-rama pal, KnittinBritinWi.

dye-o-rama yarn

Isn’t it lovely?! It is made from Louet Gems Pearl which I have never used, so I am excited to try knitting it up. My package also included a yummy smelling soap and some lovely mohair bland Fiesta Yarn. Another new yarn to try! Thanks Pal!!

I took the day off today and am busy cooking up deliciousness for a 4th of July Beach BBQ tomorrow. I am baking some beans and making cucumber salad. Already chilling in the freezer is a batch of Aunt Weasies Bourbon Slushies (recipe below for those that are interested). I will use this as my number one defense against the beach sun and heat, which in northern California is not that bad. But last year it kicked my butt. what can I say, i am a wuss.

Click “more” for slushie recipe

Aunt Weasie’s Bourbon Slushies

2 cups boiling water
4 tea bags
2 cups sugar

combine and let steep a bit, then take out tea bags and add

12 oz. frozen OJ concentrate
6 oz. frozen lemonade
2 cups bourbon
7 cups water

put in a large plastic container and freeze overnight. Remember that
it will expand a little, make sure it has room to do so. Also remember that if you are using an insulated drink container, make sure to take the lid OFF before you put it in the freezer. otherwise you will be insulating your drink from the cold of the freezer (not that I have ever done this).

Hint: when I’m drinking them straight out of the freezer, I sometimes
use one cup less water to make them stronger and slushier (otherwise
you sometimes have to let them thaw a little). For taking them
somewhere, though, I’d definitely do the full dilution, they’ll
freeze better.

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