Finished socks

These are toe-up socks of my own design knit out of koigu. Interestingly, one and a half of these socks were knit on two circulars… One sized 1 and one sized 0. oops! Here is a detail of the pattern.

Detail of koigu sock

It is a slip stitch pattern that I thought kinda gave the illusion of a cable (slip stitch pattern from Barbara walker’s Second treasury)… I wanted to have the look of a cable but not deal with the extra needle. I used a short row heel for these, and while it was nice to put the socks right on when i finished knitting the cuff, I was cursing about it the whole time. Also, i tried wrapping the stitches and everything, but I just don;t like how the heel looks. There are still tiny holes along the increases. I thought i might write up the pattern (Gerald, I’m looking in your direction) which is a challenge for two reasons. First, my foot is pretty small, so I think that I would have to call it a ‘small’ size and also figure out a medium size. Second, i can only really work out patterns if I write them as I go, so I have to make another pair…

But I already got started with that!

Poppysocks in the making

I started another pair in with the yarn that i dyed (the poppysocks color).

Edit:Tragically, this sock is actually a medium, and my foot is a small. I will have to rip back and undo some of the increases. poo.

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