This was just practice, but I like it

A while ago (weekend before last?) I dyed some sock yarn to practice up for Dye-o-rama. I wanted to practice not getting colors to run together, but still dyeing them in the crockpot. It is amazing to me how much the colors stay put. I put half of the yarn in, added some brown dye. then i added the rest of the yarn and poured on the pink. It turned out pretty good! Some of the pink was above the water line in the pot. This wasn’t good. any extra dye in the water seemed to concentrate at this leve, so i got a lot of brown in the pink, but only right at the waterline. interesting…..

Dye-o-rama practice yarn

And recently I made a few dye-o-rama stitch markers. they will look so cute when i am knitting up my dye-o-rama yarn! (I also stuck a few in my shop).

dye-o-rama stitch marker

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