Whiplash entry – Poke me in the eye

I recently discovered Whip up and decided to enter in this weekend’s competition. the idea is to make something crafty inspired by the theme “no fear.”

I recently had an inflamed pinguicula on my eyeball and since then i have been super-aware of my eyeball. I haven’t been wearing my contacts very often, and i keep looking at my eyes to make sure they don’t look too red. i really need my eyeballs, and i don’t want them to wear out. To alleve my hesitations about touching my eyeballs i made “Poke me in the eye.” I started with my cheap-o plastic tape measure, and covered it in felt to look like an eyeball. to retract the tape, i have to poke the eyeball. this eyeball is pinguicula

I just threw this together and i am not totally happy with my stitching job around the outer edge… I’ll just have
to make another one!

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