Crockpot dyeing

This weekend I spent a little bit of time with my dyepot. My dyepot is a crock pot that i got a garage sale and I couldn’t be happier with it. Every time I dye fibers am a little nervous that everything on the bottom will come out gray or brown of something, but the colors magically remain separate.

You can’t tell from the picture really, but I was trying to show you that the water really did turn clear. That yarn is from some fiber i bought from lanas de libelula (super-nice. go buy stuff from her). i navajo plied it into an awesome 3 ply bulky yarn. Not too shabby. there isn’t enough of it for me to want to keep it…. So i stuck it in my etsy shop . If it doesn’t go away i might make a hat out of it.

I also spun some yellow dyed merino roving into a yarn that I am a little bit in love with……Must make more…..

And at the top in this photo is some blue superwash merino sock yarn that will be finding its way into my
shop soon. It will be a great deal. i tell ya.

And in case you were wondering, the
roving that i photographed drying the tub has been turned into this:

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