I’m cheating

I’m cheating on all of my other knitting projects
with this:

It’s a little bit of handpainted Colonia that I bought just to see if i liked the color. I love it…. Look how it is making a double helix in the color pattern. Man, variegated yarns hypnotize me. It is like they are all self-patterning, you just don’t know what the pattern will be. Usually even when i have solids, I wish they were the kettle-dyed imperfectly colored type. May, you’ve got to love that – c’mon!

By the way, the pattern is My So Called Scarf. I only cast on 26 stitches, and I altered the directions for the knit rows to be k1 *sl1, k1, yo, psso two stitches on right needle* k1. It was just easier for me to figure out what was going on when I did it like that. That general slipped-stitch pattern is also what gives the socks I am knitting a fake-cable look. okay, they don’t really look anything like cables. we’ll just call them textured ribs.


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