Stitches West 2006 is over for me

First, lets start with shopping. Here is what I got:

Clockwise from the left:

  • 2 Skeins of Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in colors ‘Carbon Dating’ and ‘Marbles.’ i bought the carbon dating first, and then went back later in the day to get the second skein…. by that time, the selection was dwindling and i got the heavyweight so that i could still have a color that i wanted.
  • The Denise Needle Companion set is a set of extra extenders, cords and end buttons. I hadn’t yet seen these and i snatched it up. I had been thinking about getting some extra cords, and this set was cheaper than buying a few cords individually.
  • From Full Thread Ahead two balls of 50% soy silk 50% wool. It says on the label that it is ‘karaoke’ from SWTC , but it was discounted for some reason, and had a full thread ahead ball band on it. I don’t care what the reason is, I am just happy to try out his yarn at a little bit of a discount. I like how tame the balls look from the outside, and how they are full of color on the inside.
  • oh the goodies that they had at the Brook’s farm booth…. they have GIANT (8oz) skeins of the most beautifully dyed mohair blends…. Soft mohair. i forget who it was, but while i was looking around their racks, someone said “it is nice just to be standing in here,” and it was true. The red and black skein is ‘Duet’ a kid mohair/wool blend 500 yds/ 8 oz. the blue and gold one is ‘Primero’ with 100% kid mohair. They are SO SOFT. And shiny. Gen had said “let’s meet at the Brooks Farm booth because we all want to go there,” and i thought ‘who the heck is that?’ But she was right!
  • Next, I got a bunch of Jaquard Acid dyes from the Rug and Yarn Hut. (Honestly, dyes were included on my hand-written list even though i forgot to include them on the list I posted here…)
  • Finally I got a free magnet from V.I.P. Fibers. If you have never heard of them, it is a truly fascinating place and you should check out their link.

Not pictured i did get my Bryspun #4 DPN’s from Carolina Homespun. I had a heck of a time finding someplace without a hug line that had the two sizes of addis that i wanted, so i didn’t get those
More on the train and other fun in the next post!

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