The eve of stitches west

I guess technically Stitches West started on Friday, but because I am not arriving until saturday, tonight is the eve of
stitches west for me. As with last year i will tell you about my shopping list, and we can see how well i

  • Socks that Rock –
    It looks so pretty. and as a geologist, i feel i am entitled to try it out and give a little geology lesson
  • Addi turbos for socks – i have some, but I need more. Size 3 to be exact.
  • Bryflex #4 DPN’s – These are by far my favorite DPN’s. The plastic is a little flexible, the needles are the perfect pointiness… i just wonder if in 15 years they we be all brittle like the vintage plastic dpn’s i have.

am clearing the memory stick on my camera, so expect a buttload of photos from
the train, and the event.

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