All sweaters, all the time

I need to knit a bunch of sweaters. I am getting focused…

I have a bunch of fleece and yarn. i need sweaters, therefore I will be trying to knit mostly sweaters. it wasn’t that long ago that I was trying to talk myself
out of knitting sweaters, but I have decided that it is the way to go. i mean,
i like knitting and i don’t need any more scarves, so sweaters it

so… a little update on my current projects. Hi! remember

Why it is the incredible custom fit raglan made out of precious precious 100% merino handpainted yarn (the last batch that was available in their website I do believe). i decided to buckle down and finish the sleeves. for some reason i didn’t realize that unless you want the sleeve to be like a pant leg, you really need to put in a bunch of decreases. there used to be 1.5 sleeves on this sweater, but after some ripping we are down to 0.5 sleeves. but at least the one that is there is like a sweater sleeve and not a pant

the shawl from the fall interweave – blocking!

It looks great and I can’t wait to wear it!

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