Socking away in Idaho

It’s weird, but I was just in Idaho again, and rather unexpectedly. I went to help my roommate collect some more rocks for her thesis. Man, it was hot there. Swinging a hammer and climbing precarious cliffs is so much more taxing when it is 90 degrees.

But on to the knitting… i have made great progress on my blauband maxiringel socks. everything but the heel is finished on sock #1, and I just made it past the reinforced toe part of sock #2. I am still getting used to the idea of afterthought heels. Every time I cast off at the top of the sock i get this feeling that I am all finished, and I start to put the sock on my foot. Then i realize that they have no heel and aren’t done yet and it is a bit of a let down. But overall, I prefer toe-up socks to top-down socks just because i think it is easier to try them on as you go when you start at the toe.

i also wanted to point out a link that tina brought to my attention in the comments on my last post. In response to my pleas for koigu pattern suggestions, she pointed me to this link that is a whole page of patterns for 2 skeins of koigu! perfect!

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