You would think

It would seem to me that since i own a cellphone, am a geologist (and am always surrounded by geologists), and live 23 feet above sea level that someone would call me to let me know that i am about to die in a tsunami. but no. No one that I knew even called me to tell me that there was a local tsunami warning for the bay area – however brief it was. Don’t get me wrong, If i have to go, I would prefer it be in a geologic event. I’ll take volcano, earthquake and tsunami over car accident or cancer any day. But i just want to have a second to know that is what is going to happen.

On the knitting front, I am progressing nicely on the blauband maxiringel socks. in fact, right now i am love with them. I reinforced the toe, but you can’t even tell because the reinforcing thread matches!! I just can’t get enough of that. Speaking of socks (b i’m looking on your direction), there is a new online store that specializes in sock yarns, The Simply Sock Yarn Company. They are having a Grand opening Contest that has prizes so go check them out. After submitting my entry I got a personal response to my suggestions – that is so nice.

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