Socks are finished

I finished the black and white striped socks. I
wasn’t able to find a lot of online (free) references to afterthought heel
instructions, so I made it up myself. The idea is that you knit some waste yarn
into the sock where you want the heel to be (i used half of the total number of
stitches). I discovered that the best place in the striping pattern to insert
the heel and keep the striping is half-way through a stripe (a gray one in the
picture below). Then after the rest of the sock is done take out the waste
yarn, pick up the live stitches and make the heel. I tried to match up the yarn
to half-way through the same color stripe so the pattern would continue in the
heel. I also picked up a stitch on either end of the heel stitches so there
wouldn’t be little hole there. Then all i did was decrease 4 stitches every
other row. Since i was knitting on two circular needles, i knit two together at
the beginning and end of each needle. It is not a very fancy decrease, but it
seemed to work well. I attempted a kitchener stitch to sew up the heel, but it
ain’t too pretty so there will be no close-ups of

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