There was a lot of sock knitting going on this past weekend…

I finished the x-o-x-o baby socks from Interweave knits (sorry no photo yet). And I also finished one of my forest-colored-toe-up-socks. Here is where my dilemma started. I wanted to keep working on socks, but i really wanted to knit them on the 2 addi turbos that i bought just for sock knitting. I figured that the second forest-colored sock would turn out at a totally different gauge, so i should keep knitting
those on DPN’s. Ah, the perfect excuse to start another pair of socks.

I started new socks with some Lana Grossa Mielenweit Fun& Stripes that I picked up at stitches west. I LOVE this yarn. It makes regular color repeats and consistent stripe width. In that way it is unlike the Multiringel which makes stripes of varying widths. A also really like that it doesn’t have any of those white/colored checked areas in it. I am thinking I will use an afterthought heel since b’s always turn out so nice. In the
background is the forest colored sock that i finished, and this time I bound off loose enough to actually get the sock off! Yay!

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