One baby sock complete

I finished one of the baby socks featured in this month’s Interweave
. It is made out of Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn. I think the cables are pretty noticeable, and it is pretty cute, but it will certainly look better with a baby foot in it. This was my first short row toe, and i think what they called a ‘decorative zig-zag’ seam was actually a 3 needle bind off (which would be my first). During the making of this innocent looking sock, i broke two #1 DPN’s. I have a few spares since i lost one a little while ago and had to buy another set. But, I have decided to try making socks on two circular needles. this pretty much guarantees that the second sock will be a different size, but hey,
it won’t be the first

You might notice that the sock is sitting atop some delicious looking brown yarn. I made it! I think it is my best spinning yet. The roving was merino wool – mohair blend and the color was
called Kona. I got it at Carolina Homespun when i got my wheel. I have a selection of pretty rovings (I think 4 oz each) and i just don’t know what to make out of that much yarn. I spin too thick for socks, and i don’t want to make a hat…. maybe i
will put them all together in a scarf.

And finally, the top-down raglan is progressing nicely. I have already start to think seriously about something cool to do for the ribbing.

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