Socks on my feet

I finished my socks and wore them around for a whole day.

And i like them!

They were fun to make – there are certainly more socks in my future. I also like the idea of self-striping sock yarn, but i don’t like the white and blue mixed part. I have had my eye on blauband maxi ringel, since that is what B uses that looks oh-so-good. i will be looking or some of that at stitches west this weekend. if i don’t find any,
i might order some from a good-looking webpage i found, Carodan farms.
speaking of stitches,
i have a mental list of what i will

  • extra bobbins for my wheel
  • sock yarn
  • cheap white fiber and dye
  • possibly a drop spindle depending on price
  • one ridiculous item (to be determined)

I am giving myself the option of buying something that i decide i cannot live with out that i am sure i will find when i get there.

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