Take a look at this

Ingrid just finished crocheting a yoga mat bag
for her sister. She designed it herself – isn’t it

The handle is attached to the
drawstring so that it cinches itself up when you sling it

To report on my knitting…. I
would say i am almost halfway done with the lacy mohair scarf. I also realized
that i might have made the felted bag too big. at the current rate of knitting,
i am going to run out of yarn before the bag is even close to the desired size.
and elann is out of the yarn. and i am afraid to use a different brand in case
it felts differently. i am betting that this object will end up in the Complete Disasters category, but i am going to
plow ahead as if nothing is wrong.

was browsing around the members of the Ribby Cardi
and found this cute little number (oh – i mean the sweater.
even though the model is plenty cute i don’t know her, so i won’t be referring
to her as a ‘cute little number’. i think i have dug myself into a hole
here…). anyway, i really like the look of this sweater and i am itching to
try some of that raglan business. maybe after the cardi.

hmm…. funny how only a short time
ago (see previous post ) i was reminding myself how i
don’t have it in me to knit a sweater. i have not even knit the first stitch of
that sweater and i am planning another one. i think this is a bad

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